Best FishFinder GPS Combo for Guaranteed Success

Best FishFinder GPS ComboTo combine a fishfinder and GPS into one complete unit provides anglers a great deal of benefits as compared to shopping both of these devices separately. If you decide to purchase a fishfinder combined with GPS, it’ll supply you with just about every thing with regards to your fishing needs and navigation. Buying a GPS fishdinder combo will also save you money and make your fishing experience practical because you will be using and paying for just one component, using only one screen and carrying the device in only one case.

It goes without saying that you will also make your fishing experience more enjoyable and easier since you are going to install only one device. Then you should be all set in order to quickly and easily view all the information and data that you will need, in just one piece of equipment. To help you to make up your mind and find the best fishfinder GPS combo, please feel free to browse through my reviews below so you can investigate what fishfinder GPS combo will fit you fishing needs.

The Benefits of Fish Finder GPS combo Review

If you decide to go for Fish Finder GPS combo, you’ll be able to pinpoint your actual location. The majority of the GPS combo devices are available preloaded with US maps out-of-the-box with all the information you need about the river, lake or coastal area that you want to fish in. With the GPS system, you are also able to save waypoints to help you to store your chosen fishing hotspots. If you notice any activity, but might want to revisit the exact spot later on, then you can save the hot spot and return to that location later.

The practical thing about the SAVE feature is that you can easily save multiple locations and revisit them later on. There are other essential benefits to enjoy by investing in a GPS combo, such as, depth finder and water temperature sensor. The depth finder will offer you a sense of how deep the water is around your boat. This is very helpful element in case you want to target or find a specific fish that likes to hide deep down underwater. The water temperature sensor is a feature that is mostly on more sophisticated products and in some cases it will also display thermoclines. Thermocline is a term referred to as a location where cool and warm waters meet.

  • 409140-1 859ci HD DI
  • Brand: Humminbird
  • Display Size: 7-inch
  • Batteries: 1 12V batteries required.
  • Weight: 8.6 pounds
  • Made In: Alabama, US

  • 409620-1 HELIX 5 DI
  • Brand: Humminbird
  • Display Size: 5-inch
  • Batteries: 1 12V batteries required.
  • Weight: 3.6 pounds
  • Made In: Alabama, US
  • Mark-4 Chirp 000-11823-001
  • Brand: Lowrance
  • Display Size: 4.3-inch
  • Batteries: N/A
  • Weight: 3.4 pounds
  • Made In: Oklahoma, US
  • 409990-1 Helix 10 SI
  • Brand: Humminbird
  • Display Size: 10 inch
  • Batteries: 1 Nonstandard Battery batteries required.
  • Weight: 4.9 pounds
  • Made In: Alabama, US
  • ELITE-5 Ti
  • Brand: Lowrance
  • Display Size: 5 inch
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required.
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Made In: Oklahoma, US

 Humminbird 859ci HD DI Review

If your objective requires you to capture the greatest number of fish as you possibly can, then you need the most effective device that is available on the market today. In order to ensure where the fish are located, where the active hot spots are, most fishermen choose to invest in the Humminbird 859ci HD DI model.

The 859ci HD DI features a stunning 7 inch LED display that delivers one of the largest, brightest and clearest screens that you can find on the fish finder market today.  It features a fantastic bright, hi-res 480×800 image that allows you to view the target fish and also how the bottom is structured in fantastic details. The 859ci HD DI comes with 4000 watts of P2P and 500 watts of RMS output that gives the device 600 feet depth capacity and 250 feet in DownImaging.

It also features a Dual-Beam-Plus functionality that is designed with a 20degree wide beam and a 60degree wide view exposure. The interface is extremely user friendly as you can choose if you want to view the beams side by side or separately. You can even combine it to get a more comprehensive image of what is happening down below your boat.

I’m sure you are familiar with the Down Imaging technology. It has become essential part of any fish finder now a day. What DI will do for you is that it will provide you with a near photographic view of what is happening and what kind of objects are under the boat. Hands-on information about how the structure is formed, any brush or  plants, any rocks below your boat and also information on where your target bait is hiding, all in fantastic details.

With the DI sonar you will easily identify quickly all you need to know about everything down below. Humminbird combines DI and 2D sonar to give fishermen a comprehensive knowledge of precisely what is taking place under their boat. With the combination of 2D sonar and DI sonar, anglers are able to quickly locate the fish and with the DI, the structure is quickly projected on the stunning LED display.

Other highlights of the 859ci HD DI consist of Ethernet connectivity. However, have in mind that it will require additional cable. You’ll also find three pre-programmed buttons or control keys that are specially programmed to enhance your fishing experience. More awesome features included in the Humminbird 859ci HD DI is the dual SD card slot that you can use to save way points and your maps. Furthermore, since the device is easily upgradable, the SD card slots are extremely useful to make your fishing experience more enjoyable, no matter if you are a complete novice or more skilled fisher.

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Humminbird Helix 5 DI GPS Review

Humminbird 409620-1 HELIX 5 DI Fish FinderNow, let’s take a look at the Humminbird Helix 5 DI GPS fish finder. This device is extremely compact and includes all the Hi-tech options that the bigger, more expensive devices include BUT for much lower price. It comes stuffed with features to make this fish finder ideal fishing instrument regardless if you’re a newbie that doesn’t want to spend plenty of cash or simply an experienced angler looking to upgrade to the next leve.

The Humminbird Helix 5 DI GPS measures 7.55×6.64x 3.3 and comes with a power-up cable, a transducer, whole-set of required hardware/software  and of course a DVD handbook. The Helix 5 DI GPS features a beautiful crisp and clear 5 inch wide-screen display that offers 256 colors and 480×800 pixels resolution. Just like the new advanced Helix 10, this unit is easy to operate and the buttons are quite easy to master. The physical buttons are for zoom in/out, on/off, navigating through menu, select sonar, save waypoints and button to select single or split screen.

It has become increasingly popular among anglers to invest in DI (DownImaging) and Dual Beam Sonar combined in one unit because of the benefit of being able to view the sonar images and navigational data in real-time on a split screen. In other words, it offers the benefit of navigating using the map and the sonar simultaneously. The Helix 5 DI GPS includes one of the rare fish finder feature where you can easily perform the Print-Screen operation or Snap Shot capabilities. Also, the Humminbird Helix 5 comes with an accurate integrated GPS, making this unit one of the most popular fish finder GPS combos out there. Despite having 5 inch screen, it is extremely light weighted and portable and with this particular device, Humminbird once again provides technology that lifts fish finder devices up to another level.

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Lowrance Mark 4 CHIRP Review

Fishermen who’re planning to enhance their fishing experience or maybe want to take their fishing to another level without having to pay lots of cash will be quite happy with the Lowrence Mark 4 is CHIRP. It’s a budget-friendly choice for any fishermen, experienced or beginner. Having said that, it does not mean that the device won’t include all the fancy features that should be included in more expensive fish finder devices. As a matter of fact, it’s equipped with the majority of the common features to ensure that you won’t be disappointed using the Mark-4 CHIRP.

Out-of-the-box it comes with a brilliant 4.3inch gray-scale LED backlit display, in conjunction with the sonar and DownScanImaging enables fishermen to unmistakably identify what is a bait, what is a rock, what is a structure and what are plants whilst offering anglers an impressive view of the water below the boat. Combining the Down Scan Imaging technology and the Broadband Sounder allows the user view easily the target fish and the surrounding rock structures in just one screen simultaneously.

The ASP (Advance Signal Process) system will take care of the daunting task of having to manually adjust the settings. Rather than throwing away valuable time on the water, taking care of configuration, fishermen have the ability to instantly identify between structure and fish objects. If you want to get on the water ASAP, without having to deal with configuration and setup, then the Mark 4 is your affordable option for optimizing your fishing time without draining your bank account.

It is extremely easy to track and revisit your previous fishing hotspots by using the TrackBack feature. With the TrackBack feature, you get a complete sonar history and you can track down all the important hot spots that you already saved and create waypoints to track routes. This unit is one of the most cost effective GPS combos in terms of performance and prize. With internal GPS antenna it comes preloaded with maps and contours of over 3000 US lakes and rivers. Furthermore, installed on the device is the Insight Genesis software where you can make personalized Hi-res bottom contour maps based on your own sonar recordings.

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Humminbird Helix 10 SI GPS Review

The Helix 10 SI comes with a massive 10.1 inch screen, featuring 1024×600 pixels resolution. Having a big screen, like the Helix 10 SI, offers the convenience of viewing all the data in a split screen mode. This will make it a lot easier to navigate and track down the target fish. Also, Hummingbird latest screen technology makes the display easily viewable in any environmental conditions. It doesn’t matter if you are in bright sunlight or dark condition, you will always have the perfect view of the data you need, all the time.

It comes with a micro SD card slot that you can use to load maps, save waypoints, update the device or save screen shots. Humminbird Helix 10 SI GPS features the AutoChart Live, a colorful, real-time map that constantly updates as you sail along. Anglers can use the split screen mode to view map alongside any other data that you need to read while you are fishing. With the SD card and the integrated GPS function, it is possible to store up to 45 routes, 50 tracks and 20000 waypoints. The Humminbird Helix 10 SI was designed to maximize your fishing experience. It is packed with fantastic features and is one of the best GPS combos out on the market today.

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Lowrance Elite 5 Ti Review

With the Elite 5 Ti (Touch Imaging technology), Lowrance appreciates the desire and enthusiasm that fishermen have for fishing and hunting. Having said that, the Lowrance family keeps developing fish finder equipment to create more advanced device then the previously released model. This device is extremely complete and basically includes everything that you will ever need to find fish quickly.

It is very easy-to-use with extremely optimized performance. The Elite 5 Ti measures 10.9×8.2×9.2 inches and features a fantastic 5inch backlighting touchscreen with 800×480 pixels resolution. With the Bluetooth connection, you can, for example, download the Insight Genesis maps right on the spot where you are fishing!

With the TrackBack function, you are able revisit old sonar images to analyze further the structure or even if you want to, compare fish or investigate further any hotspot activity. You can then, once you have found your desired data, mark it and save it as a favorite waypoint. You can store up to 3000 waypoints. The GPS antenna is integrated into the device and it will give you extremely accurate GPS data. Out-of-the-box, the Elite 5 Ti comes with an in depth map/chart of the US.

If you need more detailed map, you can download them easily through GoFree Cloud. In case you need extra storage or if you have downloaded new maps, the micro SD card slot comes in handy if you need extra storage. This fish finder is extremely easy to use and offers endless opportunities to make your fishing experience more enjoyable at an extremely appealing price tag.

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Garmin echoMap 43dv Review

The Garmin EchoMap 43dv stands out as the latest improvement of the Garmin’s fish finder devices. Inside the box, you will find the main component, the data and power cables, quick release mount, the transducer, trolling motor mount and of course the manual. The EchoMap43dv is very compact and comes with a quite reasonable price tag. It is extremely powerful and comes packed with all kinds of features that were designed to improve your fishing experience, whether you are a beginner or experienced angler fishing in salt or fresh water.

One of the major features of the device is the adjustable backlighting high-contrast color display screen that guarantees that the images remain readable no matter if you are in direct sunlight conditions or in dark conditions. The echoMap 43dv includes a 4.3-inch screen with resolution of 480×272 pixels. As for the physical buttons, you’ve got everything at your fingertip, the on/off button, select button, home and zoom button are easily accessible and basically self-explanatory.

While using the echoMap 43dv you can view maps or sonar images in a single screen or you can choose to combine it in a split screen mode. Additionally, you are able to save and review the history which means that you can revisit previous hotspot that you had already marked earlier. Through the SD card, you can move your routs from one device to another and also insert the SD card into your PC to view and analyze your saved data. Overall, this is a fantastic device that makes a great addition to your fishing portfolio with user friendly functions that fits any angler’s needs, beginners or more skilled fishermen.

Humminbird 899ci HD SI

With the Humminbird 899ci HD SI you will get a crystal clear and highly detailed graphics that will be displayed on a fantastic 7 inch screen that you can view perfectly, even in bright sunny environment. One of the many great features of the 899ci HD SI is that it offers both SideImaging and DownImaging with the dual-beam sonar. Armed with both Side and DownImaging, along with dual beam sonar, will guaranteed that you get the absolute most perfect visual images of the activity and structure below your boat.

The 899ci Dual-Beam-Plus function will work up to a depth of 1500 feet. The Side Imaging offers up to 150 feet of exposure sideways of your boat. One of the great aspects of the Humminbird 899ci is that you can adjust the width of the sonar to 20, 60 or 180 degrees. Therefore, you can set the sonar width according to your fishing needs and location. As I have mentioned before, the benefit of a fishfinder GPS combo is extremely practical and having said that, the Humminbird 899ci comes integrated with GPS with 50 channels and also a dual SD card slot.

Considering the variety of technological solutions that the 899ci offers, one might think that this device is complicated to operate. That is not the case with this device, but bear in mind, the Humminbird team has also supplied this model with awesome capabilities that are intended to make the performance, navigational features and all the settings as easy as possible. Part of the Humminbird user friendly effort to make the device suitable for all types anglers (beginners or Pro), is the Humminbird X-Press Menu system that grants easy accessibility to specific tools, for instance a 2.5 inch target separation as well as a chart view in 3D on the screen.

One last thing to mention is that this particular model comes with a ethernet connectavity. You should have in mind though, that you will need to invest in a cable and a switch. If you do so, you are able to make use of the ethernet and you can connect your device other Humminbird gadgets.

Lowrance Elite-7 HDI Review

The Lowrance Elite-7 HDI offers an impressive 800 x 480 pixels wide screen 7inch display screen that provides extremely clear images delivered from the 3D SONARS.  If you just take into account the fantastic 7 inch display screen, you will soon realize that just the detailed screen display itself is well worth the investment.

Featuring the Hybrid Dual Imaging or HDI technology signifies that you’ve got extremely powerful equipment in your hands. What you have is 2 imaging solutions integrated into one single unit. What this means is that you have the power to distinguish extremely evidently between what is a fish and what is a structure. You will have, hands-on, graphical image that will show you detailed information of the bottom structure.

With the Elite 7 HDI, it’s easy to read from both the broadband SONAR and also hi-res DownImaging, using just one instrument. Therefore, all installation will be a walk-in-the-park and you will enjoy data from both the broadband SONAR and also, in split screen, hi-res 3D SONAR data.

There is another awesome element worth mentioning in this fish finder and that is the so called Track-Back feature. What you will have in your hands with the Track-Back feature, is that you will be able to revisit previous sonar history. That way, you are able to study previous SONAR readings to ensure that you did not miss out on anything or if you wish to study further any active hot spots that you found earlier. In the event you have the GPS turned on, then the Track-Back also shows GPS data for you to go back to any previous hot spot that you might have encountered earlier.

As I mentioned above, the awesome 7 inch screen is totally worth the investment itself, additionally you get a fish finder that is packed with fantastic features. The amazing 7 inch display screen means that you can view and read huge amount of information on just one screen. It is possible to either choose to view charts only, Broadband SONAR only, DownScan SONAR only, or if you prefer so, combine any of these two or three options into a comfortable split screen view.

The Broadband and DownScan can be easily read alongside each other to compare and contrast the readings together. You can even take the step further and split the screen into three ways. Moreover, you can adjust the size of all three panels. By default, they all appear in equal size, but can be easily adjusted to your needs. As always, the Lowrance stands by its products to the maximum. You will get the best customer service on the market and the hassle free warranty has you covered if you encounter any problems. The reality is that the Elite-7 HDI model symbolizes an enormous leap forward fishing finder products.

Lowrance HDS-7 Review

If you are searching for a fish finder that can offer you phenomenal overall performance then you need a device that is a technolgocial wonder. With the Lowrance HDS-7, the multi performance display screen really are a innovative leap forward in the fishfinding  and navigation industry. This particular model was designed for the power users. This monster HDS series captures cutting edge innovation and brings together it in a one single, easy to install device. This unit wont disapoint you, this is the top of the line fish finder that will deliver amazing results on a simple, easy to read interface and you can access the most common features with just a touch of a button. The HDS serie will transform the way you fish and you will surely take your boat to the next level when you install this device.

The HDS 7 offers a stunning 6.2 inch display screen. You can easily split up the screen if you want to view sonar data data in a way that you have never done before. The information will be beatifully delivered on the crispy LCD. Powerful, 250 Watts unit includes a twin frequencies of 83 kHz and 200 kHz or 50kHz and 200kHz, with P2P of 600 feet at 83kHz, and 250 feet at 200kHz where you can see the structure, the temperature and your target fish in deatiled clarity that you have never seen before.

Lowrance Elite 9 CHIRP Review

I’m sure that every single fisherman out there prefers to fish rather than to be stuck messing around with fish finder device and desperately seeking the perfect spot to fish. Fortunately the Lowrance family had this as their intended purpose while they were designing the Elite 9 CHIRP fish finder. It takes no time to set-up, features a bright crystal clear HD screen and is extremely easy to operate. It comes packed with features just out-of-the-box and is easily upgradeable if you wish to enhance the capabilities a little more forward.

With this fish finder, you surely will get what you pay for and although it might seem expensive at first, it will be money well spent. Lowrance have really taken the step forward with beautiful design, super easy to operate. Even the most passionate fishermen will be thrilled just by using the default/standard options of the unit and since the device is so user friendly, novice anglers will master the Elite 9 CHIRP in no time at all. This fish finder GPS Combo is one of the most sophisticated equipment out on the market today and I highly recommend it if you are looking for a fish finder that basically has everything that you need to success on the water!

Best FishFinder GPS Combo Comparison Chart

ItemBrandDisplay SizeMade In
409140-1 859ci HD DIHumminbird7-inch Alabama, US
409620-1 HELIX 5 DIHumminbird5-inch Alabama, US
Mark-4 Chirp 000-11823-001Lowrance 4.3-inchOklahoma, US
409990-1 Helix 10 SIHumminbird10 inchAlabama, US
ELITE-5 TiLowrance5 inchOklahoma, US

Final Points

The bottom line is that GPS combo is an extremely handy device to use on any boat types. For anyone who is also a fishing fanatic, then it becomes evident that you will need a fishfinder device to help you in catch fish. Therefore, having both GPS and a Fish Finder is important and practical. Since you need both devices, you will both save money and space by investing in a fish finder GPS combo. Also, it is much more convenient to have all the data you need at your fingertips on just one single screen. Above you will find some of the best fish finder GPS combos available and I hope you browsed through the information and already figured out what unit fits your fishing needs.