All fish finders do the same job, right? In a way, this statement is correct, but many of the models out there offer far more than others. Variations in terms of features, range and design make a huge difference and may mean that one type of fish finder, and even one specific feature can set the fish finder apart.

My ‘guides’ are designed to educate, and give some ideas for which of the fish finders might be the best for your specific needs. For instance, some fish finders will be best for kayaking whereas others are more portable and easy to use in a variety of different situations. As the technology has grown and improved then different models have been invented with more and more specialist features, for instance there are both down imaging and side imaging fish finders, or fishfinder and gps combinations. Whittling down the best options for each type of fisherman can be the key to making the right decision and improving your fishing for good.

Kayak FishFinders

Many people are moving towards kayak fishing and the kayak units are in high demand. The reason for their increased popularity is that these units are budget-friendly and provide a faster fishing solution. In order to enjoy your kayak fishing experience, you need to empower yourself with the necessary information about these units. Some of this information include places where to look for the fish and some of the features you need. The kayak fish finders utilize the latest technology to make fishing an enjoyable venture. There are many fish finders on the market and the best solution to invest in one that has been specifically designed for kayaks. These finders come in different shapes and sizes.

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Best Portable FishFinder

Some people prefer using bulkier fish finders and large boats in that case. But just in case yours is a small boat,or you even don’t have one at all, this shouldn’t stop you from using a fish finder. There are portable units on the market that can help you out. These units are generally affordable and capable of adjusting to your fishing style. Choosing between these units involves balancing between various factors. They include screen resolution, display size, power, financial budget, sonar, and transducer. The portable model will offer you more flexibility as it can be carried around easily. It also doesn’t require any form of installation like the fixed fish finders.

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Best FishFinder GPS Combo

A fish finder can be used as a standalone unit in the same manner like a GPS device. You can, therefore, have a separate unit for each component but this would be an unnecessary expense. The best option is therefore to have a fish finder combined with a GPS device. This will address all your fishing needs as well as the navigation aspect. Such an option is budget friendly and quite practical. It also saves you the trouble of having to carry separate units for the same fishing mission. In terms of installation, you will also have only one unit to deal with. Some of the factors that you need to consider before acquiring such a unit include cost, size, and features.

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Down Scan Imaging

Down Scan Imaging, sometimes referred to as DI allows you to clearly see what is below your boat. It is not just a simple graphical interpretation of fish, objects and structure because with DI you will see life-like graphics of everything underwater. In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know in order to understand how down scan imaging works. Moreover, you will know exactly what to look for in DI and we will show you the very best DI picks on the market today. With the DI technology, you will significantly enhance the fishing experience and it will help you to distinguish between fish and other objects.

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Side Scan Imaging

Side scan imaging, or SI, is considered to be the most efficient sonar feature that you can find in a fishfinder because with the SI technology you will be able to generate a more in depth graphic views of everything underneath your boat. Apart from the detailed information, you will also be able to identify more fish very quickly and therefore, enhance your fishing experience. Fish finders equipped with Down-Imaging or Side-Imaging include great number of features that may be overwhelming to beginners. However, you can be sure that these fish finders are very user-friendly, and you should be able to master the technology in no time at all.

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Final Thoughts

My fish finder guides are designed to be the in-depth solution to working out which model (or models) will be the ones to make their way onto your shortlist. The types of questions I try to answer in my guides include whether or not you need a fish finder with a float or not, whether you need down or side imaging or what sort of size and mounting style you should be looking for in your fish finder.

On top of this, only recommending best fish finders is my number one priority, and honest summaries of which are the best in each category can be found in each and all of our fish finder guides, at a variety of different budgets and with the exact type of features you’re going to need for your boat or kayak.