Fishing is not the sort of hobby or profession that you can just jump straight into and do well, you need to know what you’re doing, learn about techniques and know your equipment inside out. In order to help with this, specifically when it comes to fish finders, I’ve created the information section of my site. All of the articles here are designed to increase your knowledge significantly and make it easier for you to choose, but also to use a fish finder.

Going into the process you might have a lot of different questions, it is natural to wonder how the fish finder works, where you should mount it, what different varieties are out there and much more. My dedicated writers (all of whom love fishing) are trying to ensure that you can pick up all of this information, to turn you into the best possible fisherman you can be, and make your trips out onto the water all the more successful.

Top 4 Bass Fishing Lures

Most anglers are overwhelmed by the number of bass lures on the market. If you are just beginning to do your fishing, then you will be very much confused if it is worth your money. In order to make it easier for you, there are a number of things that you will need to consider. The first one is the size. It is always great to test small sized products before proceeding to their larger-sized counterparts. There is then the issue of colour. When buying a bass lure for the first time, you should consider getting an effective worm colour like purple, pumpkin, watermelon, and Junebug.

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Top Quality Bass Lures

Getting a top quality fishing unit can be quite satisfying considering the many benefits that will come with it. Such a unit will be able to catch more bass. When looking for top bass lures, you should look for the most realistic one. The best lures should feel like it is all-natural food. Bass lures come in different design, color, sizes, and shapes and are therefore important to select carefully among the different options. You need a unit that has been tested for reliability and useful and one that is trusted by most anglers.

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How a Fish Finder Work

Fishfinders play an important role in locating your targets while on a fishing expedition. They have two main parts where the first part is usually placed on the fishing deck and it is considered the main display device. The second part is the transducer which has to be mounted on the hull and wired to the main device. The fish finders use sonar technology to identify information around and below the boat. The other technology used in these units is echo sounder which makes it possible to determine the depth of the water below the boat.

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Fish Finder Buying Guide

A fish finder can be seen basically as a sonar device whose sole objective is to detect fish targets below the water. It uses electrical signals which are sent and reflected back to the device in form of graphical information. This information then needs to be interpreted to determine what it represents. There are many fish finders on the market,and it is important that you choose wisely. Some of the things you will need to consider before buying a fish finder are the transducer, power, display, portability, and features like GPS.

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Expensive or Cheap Fish Finder?

Maybe you are wondering whether to choose an expensive or a cheap fishfinder. The general trend is usually to go for the expensive model but does this mean that it is the best? To most people, a cheap model that can get your job accomplished is just as good as any other model. The benefit of acquiring a cheap fishfinder is that it saves you money. In shopping for a cheap model, you don’t have just to pick any model that comes your way. You have to look at the color screen, screen sizes, GPS capability, sonar technology, and networking.

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Fishing Tips

Fishing can be an interesting and enjoyable venture. One thing that you need to make sure on your fishing journey is to keep your catch fresh. This means you have to plan for fully iced and insulated container where you can save your fish. Every time you catch a fish, you need to kill it immediately. One way of killing fish is by using a club while the other method is by poking it straight through the brain. The iced container needs to have some fresh water to generate iced slush that will keep the fish inside. If you have time, remove the digestive system of the fish and then place it back to the slush. Once you are back from fishing, you then need to pack the fish out of the boat and place it in a freezing container.

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Choosing a Fish Finder

A fish finder is not only a reliable equipment but also an effective device. It helps you to identify fish and know the structure of the bottom water surface. Choosing such a unit involves doing a careful research to know which one suits your needs. You don’t want to spend your money on an ineffective and useless device. You will, therefore, make the key decisions related to size, the inclusion of GPS capabilities, screen resolution, power requirements, desired frequencies, and the fishing environment. If you are going to fish in deep water, you may need different features to when you are fishing in shallow waters.

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Installing a Fish Finder

To be able to get the most out of a fish finder unit, you need to set it up in the right way. Proper installation will save you time and energy during fishing. The first step involves the process of mounting the transducer. Some devices use a transom mount to make it easier for you. You need to ensure that the transducer has been professionally mounted at the base of the boat. The next step involves testing the wires. Any loose wires need to be sealed, and all the wires have to be tightened close to the main device and away from the transducer. You will then need to mount the fishfinder unit.

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Preparing Your Fish Finder

The winter season usually brings with it some good tidings, especially to the fishing community. Ideally, you should be ready with your gear before the season starts. This includes preparing your boat and battery. You also have to get your electronic devices ready for work. This includes the trolling motors and fishfinder. Prior preparation helps in protecting your devices from being damaged while in water. Preparing a fishfinder involves protecting it from severe weather conditions. You are going to use a very expensive investment in harsh conditions and it is good to take proper measures to get it protected.

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Using the FishFinder to get more fish

Having a fishfinder is one thing but catching fish with it is totally different. You, therefore, need to put in some efforts to make your fishfinder work efficiently. The operator will always determine the level of success the device will achieve. You can begin by reading the manual and look for information online that can help you maximize its efficiency. To be able to catch more fish with these devices, you must know how they function and how to use them properly. You can use it discover places where fish gathers in the water as opposed to looking for the actual fish. There is then the aspect of correctly interpreting the information generated by your unit.

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10 Important Things When River Fishing

River fishing provides a great opportunity to enjoy a relaxed fishing moment. Just like any other fishing, you need to have the right strategy and techniques to maximize your potential in river fishing. You will need equipment like fishfinder to help you through. Apart from having the proper strategies, you will need to exercise lots of patience to minimize the frustrations. From studying the fishing area to using the best bait, there are several tips that will help you out whenever you go river fishing.

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Final Thoughts

Choosing the right fish finder in the first place is very important, and I have a lot of guides available and even in-depth reviews elsewhere on the site in order to help you to make the right decisions on the matter.

My information section is not only focused on providing you with buying guides, but tips on how the technology to run a fish finder works, as well as how to get the most out of your fish finder when using it. I even go into detail on mounting it and deciding which varieties are best suited to your fishing style. In order to buy the right product and then use your fish finder in the right way, you are going to need to do a little research, which I’ve already compiled for you here at