My goal at is to make sure everyone who is interested in buying a fishfinder to improve their fishing abilities knows what they are looking for. As well as a wide range of different guides and informational products regarding which fish finders may be best, I also have a lot of individual product reviews, and this is the section of our site where these can most easily be found.

Fish finders may all do a similar job, but the range and features of them can be incredibly different, and this can lead to some confusion. My reviews are designed to go into more detail regarding specific models and look more in detail at features as well as value for money and the merits of individual models of fish finder.

Garmin Echo 101

The Echo 101 is a top quality unit that uses heavy-duty sonar and a compact grey scale to assist fishing enthusiasts. This unit is not only convenient to use but also portable and is a perfect choice for those who like doing kayak fishing. It is among the most compact model you can get from Garmin and is quite affordable. It contains fantastic features and is constructed using only finest materials. Some of its features include a temperature display sensor, 4-inch gray display, IPX7 waterproof rating, 20-inch transducer, and advanced sonar technology. The unit comes with a one year warranty.

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Garmin Echo 551DV

This is the kind of model you will go for when you need advanced features in a fish finder. It combines two essential features of a fish finder which are the display screen and the Sonar power. This unit has a large, powerful sonar and a user-friendly screen. The 5-inch VGA screen has a high resolution of 480 by 640 pixels and is quite bright. This fish finder features a sophisticated technology known as a smooth-scaling technology to guarantee seamless transition between shallow water ends and deep ends. Some of its features include sonar rewind function, motor transducer type, DownVu transducer, photographic sonar view, and VGA color display.

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Humminbird 597ci HD DI

This unit comes with a number of great features like Down-Imaging sonar and down-beam sonar that are essential to any modern fish finder. These features help in easier identification of everything found in the water. With such information, you will be able to pick out the fish species within the water clearly. You get some of the advanced functions like split screen zoom, freeze frame, SwitchFire Sonar, and Selective Fish ID+ when you acquire this unit. Despite its advanced features, the unit is quite easy to operate and comes with an SD card slot to make it easy to include extra data like charts and maps.

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Lowrance Elite 7x

This fishfinder has a large 7-inch color display screen of high resolution. The pixel resolution is 800 by 480. Such a resolution ensures magnificent viewing experience and outstanding visibility in any weather conditions. Some of its features include TFT 256-color display, widescreen LCD screen, skimmer transducer, transom mount transducer, and 800 KHz Sonar. The skimmer transducer comes with an inbuilt temp that is user-friendly. The screen gives you easy access to sonar history. The unit can also be easily installed and operated by any fishing expert.

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Lowrance HDS-12 Gen3

Lowrance brand has been on the forefront of revolutionizing how fish finder devices can be used. HDS12 is a technologically advanced gadget from Lowrance that receives and processes sonar information. It comes with a 12-inch screen that makes it easy to read all the important information below the water surface. This unit is extremely easy to operate the and the display gives you access to a combination of the latest navigation features. There is a superb Lowrance Target-Separation feature that makes it possible to get exceptional views of fish and other objects. The unit has an inbuilt GPS and an SD card slot.

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Humminbird 859ci HD Combo

This is a modern fish finder that comes with a GPS unit and uses the latest in-depth technology to identify everything in the water. There is a full HD screen that is crystal clear and able to display graphics. The size of the screen is 7 inches and has a bright view, even in sunlight conditions. It can be easily mounted on a boat to facilitate a pleasant navigation process. You get 360 degrees of imaging with this unit that allows you to view all the details on the screen. Several onboard features aid the navigation process that includes the SwitchFire feature, two sonar beams, and HD radar. Additionally, with internet connectivity, this unit is able to receive automatic updates online.

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Humminbird Helix 7-SI GPS

Humminbird has built many devices,but this one is among its most versatile fish finder on the market. It has an amazing 7-inch screen and utilizes Down-Imaging and Side-Imaging sonar technology. These features combine with its conventional Dual-Beam Plus to maximize your results in finding fish and its GPS mechanism is extremely accurate. It is a popular unit among many fishing enthusiasts because of its performance and functionality. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced angler, you will love the crispy and clear images that originate from this unit. Its buttons are quite user-friendly.

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Lowrance Elite 5 CHIRP

Elite 5 CHIRP is a great product from Lowrance brand that combines the best sonar, GPS, and Down Imaging capabilities. The innovative nature of this unit makes it possible to track fish in a much easier way. It includes features like noise rejection and target resolution to ease the process of finding fish. By mixing sonar and DownScan capabilities, this unit becomes quite appealing to any fisherman. It uses a transducer unit to browse through a number of frequencies to deliver clearer and precise images. You can also view the target in an absolute context. The unit uses maps which can be customized using the recorded sonar data.

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Lowrance Elite-5 HDI Combo

This is an innovative device that combines two hi-tech features into one to offer the best viewing experience to the user. These are Broadband Sounder and Downscan Imaging. These features guarantee you the best imaging capabilities under the water. The DownScan Imaging helps in viewing the shape and form of the bottom structure. With this device, you can clearly see where there is fish, rock, and bush. The Broadband SONAR helps in differentiating the fish species, arches, and lines. The other features include inbuilt GPS, 256vcolor TFT screen, the pixel resolution of 480 by 480, and temperature readings.

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Lowrance Elite-7 HDI

This fishfinder series provides fish targeting and navigation features. It has several advanced features that will require you to do some learning in order to operate them effectively. It has GPS features that makes it possible to plot the fishing course and maximize the navigation features. The unit is relatively affordable and attractive to many fishermen. It has a 7-inch display. You can also get advanced mapping features to complement the basic ones that come with the unit. You can for instance view all the contour lines and detailed mapping information.

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Final Thoughts

My reviews are based on a huge amount of research on fish finders, their features and reliability. Each review is designed to be helpful when making your final decision on which fish finder you should buy, giving a guide on the specifics of the fish finder when put into action.

You will probably have read up on information which is on the rest of my site which can show you the best fish finders for different budgets and requirements, both for professionals and hobbyists. Once you’ve narrowed it down to a shortlist then it is time to look into some more in-depth reviews, such as those above.

I hope my reviews have been as helpful as possible when making your decision. I tried to report on the merits of a variety of different models, from affordable fish finders to the expensive and luxury models which may be more reliable and professional.