Best Portable FishFinder Devices With Quality Features

You don’t really need a big boat to enjoy all the benefits of having a fish finder. In case you have a small boat or no boat at all, your best option could be a portable fish finder. Generally, they’re more affordable but you are also able to find higher priced, more advanced portable devices aswell. Based on your affordability, fishing needs and style, a specific model might fit your fishing style better than other model. To be able to make a well informed decision, there are a lot of factors to keep in mind. You need to consider your financial budget, display size, screen resolution, power, sonar, transducer and of course portability too.

But the question remains, what are the advantages of investing in a portable fish finder? They are generally much more affordable than fixed fish finders. Therefore, fixed devices finders are, most of the time, pricier then the portable ones. Evidently, they offer great flexibility because portable units are easy to carry and move around to different locations. Furthermore, portable fish finders are extremely easy to use because there is no fixed installation involved, it is rather simple to install.

Most devices will come ready to use out-of-the-box and it is just a matter of pressing the ON button and you are all set to go. Having a portable fish finder offers also transducer flexibility as you can effortlessly use it in different fishing situations. It’s easy to toss it into the water from wherever you are fishing, from the boat or shoreline. For anyone who is prefers to fish on land, on a kayak or from a small/big boat, then consider to invest in a portable fish finder.

I assume that you landed on this page in search for something more than just a device, you came here to find the best portable fish finder that will suit your fishing needs and I sincerely hope I can help you in your decision. In order to obtain a better understanding of the dimensions of the fish finder and how the device will look on your watercraft, feel free to take a peek at my best portable fish finder reviews here below;

  • E70294-US Dragonfly-4 Pro
  • Brand: Raymarine
  • Display Size: 4.3-inch
  • Batteries: N/A
  • Weight: 3.97 pounds
  • Made In: Fareham UK
  • iBobber
  • Brand: ReelSonar
  • Display Size: N/A
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required.
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • Made In: USA
  • FLDP01
  • Brand: Deeper
  • Display Size: N/A
  • Batteries: 1 A batteries required. (included)
  • Weight: 3.52 ounces
  • Made In: Lithuania

Best Portable FishFinder table image
  • HawkEye F33P
  • Brand: NorCross
  • Display Size: N/A
  • Batteries: N/A
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Made In: N/A

Raymarine Dragonfly-4 Pro Sonar/GPS Review

The Dragonfly 4PRO from Raymarine stands out as the newest release of budget friendly fish finders. It has received extremely good reviews and current users seem to be very happy with this fish finder. Raymarine has made a lot of modifications to improve this new model, such as enhanced zoom IN and OUT ability, power button, back button and simple four-way direction along with the ENTER button.

The Dragonfly 4PRO is waterproof, extremely easy to use and comes ready just right out-of-the-box and is ideal for use in either fresh or salt water. Featuring awesome 4.3inch HD LCD screen with 480×272 pixels resolution makes it a pure joy to read data from. With the help of exceptionally sophisticated optical bonding, the user will be able to read the graphic data in bright colors and sharp contrast. By making use of this innovation provides the user with the ability to view the screen perfectly at different angles and also it is fog-resistant. It is highly unlikely you will find this awesome feature in such a budget-friendly device because it has become standard in more sophisticated, more costly fish finders.

The Dragonfly is extremely portable and compact sized fish finder with 4 inch screen. Therefore, it will fit the fishing style of those who have access to small watercrafts. You can also use it if you are fishing on landline, as it is extremely light weight and portable and fits into your pocket or backpack easily.

It is unbelievably simple-to-use with just three buttons to operate and the astonishing CHIRP innovation tech will show you awesome graphic images. With this powerful portable fish finder, you get both 3D SONAR and traditional SONAR that can work down to 1000 feet deep. That is something that you will not find in many portable fish finders. Additionally it has built-in GPS that include charts to help you locate your location and setup routes and waypoints. The Dragonfly 4PRO features a 50 channel chart plotter that enables high-speed tracking of US rivers, lakes and coastal places.

You can use the GPS to build as many as 150 routes, around 3000 way points and upto a massive 10000 track points. With the micro SD card slot you can save or transfer routes from the fish finder through the SD card and to a different device that has SD card capabilities. It is extremely beneficial to use a SD card because you can download software system updates straight from the manufacturer website. Moreover, it has WIFI connectivity that you can use to view SONAR data live from your phone or tablet.

This Dragonfly model has one of the best screens of the portable fish finders out there. You can view the screen, crystal clear and perfectly from all angles no matter if you are located in direct sunlight or dark environment.  As its waterproof also, you don’t need to worry about the operating performance if it’s a heavy rain or rough waters. You will basically have the ability view the screen in any weather conditions at any time of the day. If you are looking for portable, small enough to fit-the-palm of your hand, sophisticated and extremely effective fish finder, then this is your best choice. The wide range of functions and cost-effective price tag make the Dragonfly 4PRO one of the best fit-in-your-palm portable fish finder on the market today.

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iBobber Castable Bluetooth Smart Fishfinder

Featuring Bluetooth Smart technology that enables more constant, stable connection and it extracts much less power from the battery of you device than the standard Bluetooth and Wi-Fi does. Includes a 2.3 inch screen and the whole unit weighs only 1.7 ounces with the ability to measure depth down to 135 feet deep using a 118kHz transducer with operational performance of up to 100 feet away from the mobile device it is paired to.

The iBobber Castable Bluetooth Smart Fishfinder is pretty cheap and in all likelihood provides the ideal value for your money. The iBobber is the leader in smart phone fishing. It is built with strong quality but have in mind that if you want to read more depth, then you should consider to buy a different unit (might include higher price tag).

In case you do not like to install or setup anything on your device, the iBobber might then be your first choice. Cheap, reliable and if you are looking for a cost effective device to hook up to your smart phone or tablet, then have a look at the iBobber Castable Bluetooh Smart Fish Finder.

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Deeper Smart Portable Fish Locator Review

This awesome device is a wireless model that can be used both with Android and iOS operating systems. Using the Bluetooth connectivity, you are able to view data on where the fish is located, structure and water temp directly on your smartphone or tablet’s screen from depths of 1.5 feet all the way down to150 feet in both salt and fresh waters, thanks to the smart sonar technology. The device doesn’t require any mobile data in order for the sonar to operate so you can basically use it anywhere.

Featuring DUAL beam sonar, operating on 90 to 290 kHz that provides excellent water coverage in great details. It also comes with a camera, history log, fishing log, maps, weather information and a calendar that with fish activity. Additionally, it weighs only 0.22 pound and comes with a 2.6 inch screen, making this fish finder more portable and lighter than any other fish finder on the market today and should suit those anglers that are in search of something extremely portable but efficient.

As I mentioned above, it works perfectly with iOS and Android and to list few of the other amazing features like the portability, wireless and Bluetooth connectivity. It is very user-friendly and has a very nice interface, making navigation a walk-in-the-park. On top of that, after you open the box you will see a nice soft pouch, AC charger, DC charger for your car, equipment to hook up to fishing-line with a couple of extra spares and of course the instruction manual. Deeper Smart Portable Fish Locator is known as a reputable, quality fishfinder and the iOS and Android operating system really take fish finding to a completely new level.

It doesn’t only transform your smartphone or tablet in to a detailed and colored mobile fish finder with a fantastic screen, but it additionally contains fishing log software. What’s more, it provides a weather report for your current location. Also, featuring GPS, enabling you to revisit any previous hotspot or save waypoints and tracks. Last but not least, if you’d like the perfect portable fish finder, easy to operate and extremely portable and efficient, the Deeper Smart Portable Fish Locator is definitely probably one of the greatest fish finders you can purchase.

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NorCross HawkEye F33P FishFinder Review

Best Portable FishFinderThe NorCross HawkEye F33P fish finder is a very portable device and very reasonably priced. Maybe it’s not the ideal option if you happen to be an experienced fisher, however when just beginning, you’ll highly benefit from this small device while you fish.

Due its compact size and portability it will easily fit comfortably in you hand. Being extremely accurate, this fish finder will identify fish quickly and easily. Featuring single beam sonar that allows up to 45 degree cone angle, offering you detailed data reading of what is going on under the water down to one hundred feet. Keep in mind that if you are looking for easy-palm-fit fish finder that goes deeper than 100 feet, you might want to consider the Echo 100 from Garmin.

As I mentioned earlier, it is dead-simple to use. All you need to do is just turn the power button ON, throw the sonar sensor (comes with 3 sensors) in to the water and you can read data immediately on the screen. To operate the unit you will need 4 AAA batteries that will allow you to fish around 20 hours if you use the fishfinder continuously. Although the HawkEye F33P fishfinder is very easy to use, it is an exceptionally advanced fish finder. You will notice that this webpage is mainly focused on the big sharks in the fish finder industry such as Humminbird, Lowrance and Garmin, however, the reality is that there is room for another different brand, the Hawkeye from NorCross.

It’s extremely cheap, especially designed to provide easily readable information of structures, fish and plants/objects to a depth of around 100 feet. That’s pretty awesome for a fish finder that fits into the palm of your hand. Despite being that compact and portable, the user is able to read the information on the screen easily. With most fish finders, where you will see draws of the readings, this one does not show graphic images but uses indicators instead. Those indicators are in form of symbols that represent clearly fish, structure or weeds.

It is designed to eliminate any guess work and does everything for you, in other words, it comes ready to use out-of-the-box. You don’t need to spend any time configuring settings so we have here a fish finder that is focused on simplicity rather than sophisticated innovations. However, simplicity does not mean it is not efficient. This device is focused on those who are beginners, taking their first step in the “fishing world” Seasoned fishermen might not like how simple this device is because of the lack of SONAR sensitivity (up to 4 settings).

One of the coolest features of the HawkEye F33P is the transducer and the way the fish finder was designed to operate. You have the option to toss it in to the water to let it float, mount it on to your watercraft or just troll it, whatever suits your fishing style. The price is also extremely appealing, especially for those who are making their first step in fishing and just want a device that does the job quickly and those who want to get the “feel” of how to operate a fish finder. Later on, you have endless options to upgrade to a more sophisticated device when you gain more experience.

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Garmin Echo 150 Portable Review

Here is yet another great device from the famous Garmin product line. This dual-beam, dual-frequency fishfinder called Garmin Echo 150 portable is fantastic for those anglers on small fishing boats and also those who prefer to fish on the landline. It tracks fish very quickly, measures depths and provides the angler a superb image of the objects below, such as rocks and weeds. The Garmin Echo 150 portable is extremely accurate, tracks fish very quickly and makes your fishing experience a lot easier and enjoyable.

The Echo 150 portable includes a 4 inch gray scale display screen with 160×256 pixels resolution. It is very powerful and portable unit holding 200W RMS up to 1300 feet depth in fresh water and allows accurate scanning up to 500 feet in saltwater conditions. It operates two frequency dual-beam through the transducer, 200 kHz and 77 kHz and allows 120 degree width to make sure you will have great overview on both sides of your boat. For target separation and crystal clear image definition, the Echo 150 portable features the HD-ID target tracking technology. Using that technology, you will detect fish easily on the screen with the Fish-Symbol-ID even if you are travelling at high speeds.

Garmin has put great effort in making this unit as user friendly as possible. The buttons are easy to figure out and the menu is very simple to navigate through. Also, in case you need, there are detailed information about all the features and operations inside the user manual that is included. What makes this equipment extremely useful for those who are looking for portable fish finder is the fact that the entire unit weighs only 9.5 ounces. Other fish finder benefits that you can enjoy using the Garmin Echo 150 Portable fish finder is that it works in the same way in deeper and shallow water.

Also, another awesome benefit is that its operation is flawless in bright sunny conditions. What this means is that the data on the display will always appear extremely clear and accurate no matter how much light or how dark it is where you are fishing. Even though it is a gray scale display, it provides extremely accurate data on how deep the water is and easily/quickly identifies the fish. The Garmin Echo 150 portable is also very durable (with rechargeable battery) and compact design. Having said that, it is perfectly safe to operate the device on rough water or in pouring rain without having to worry about damaging the unit. After using the fish finder at the end of the day, there is even a soft but yet strongly made carrying case included to ensure safety of all components.

All in all, this portable and powerful device is extremely budget friendly, packed with features and operates flawlessly under any weather conditions, at any time of the day, no matter if its mid-day sun or late night. Very effective fish finder and includes everything you need for a portable fish finder device in terms of power and maximum performance.

Humminbird 386ci Combo Portable Review

The Humminbird 386ci Combo Portable is one of the best portable, budget friendly, GPS fish finder combos on the market today. Intergraded with an accurate GPS, powerful sonar and created with fishing fanatics in mind. The 386ci Combo Portable offers a fantastic storage capacity, making it is possible to store up to 50 routes and 2500 waypoints. Part of the portability of the device is the 3.5 inch easy-to-read colored screen. There is also a rechargeable battery included that will last around 7 hours. The 386ci is extremely durable and sturdy, so you can use it without worries in any wet climate or rough water conditions. Another great benefit of the device is the backlit feature where you can easily read the data on the screen no matter what time of the day you are fishing.

The Humminbird 386ci Combo can be used as a standalone unit with its powerful and accurate GPS that will serve you both on land or on the water, depending on what type of activity you intent to use it for. One of the greatest feature of the 386ci Combo is the SWITCHFIRE SONAR technology which is an extremely powerful and enables the user to make use of the customize imaging innovation that exceeds basic grayscale  performance in order to provide 2 kinds of colored maps. Moreover, fishermen can adjust the sonar display efficiently and quickly, according to the location you are and the weather condition at the current time.

At you finger tips, you are able to zoom IN/OUT, navigate easily through the menu, making it easier to analyze data that you are viewing on the screen. In most fish finders, it is hard to use the sonar in shallow waters and it can be really a daunting task to read from the data because the underwater plants, mud or sand make it often impossible to identify fish on the display. However, with the SWITCHFIRE SONAR, you can rest assured that Humminbird made that problem history. If you are fishing is shallow water, just select the “ROUGH WATERS” setting in the menu and you will get a perfect image even though the water is “polluted” and dirty.

In water deeper than 10 feet, you will get crystal clear detailed image just by selecting the “MAX MODE”. When you active the MAX MODE, you will be able to clearly see the thermoclines and water currents, how the bottom surface is structured and even better, you will be able to identify fish species in MAX MODE. Moreover, this fish finder is packed with more awesome features such as sonar recording, ability to take screen snapshots, split screen viewing.

The 386ci Combo Portable is becoming highly regarded as the number one choice as a portable fish finder device. Compact, sturdy and a powerful unit with integrated GPS inside. Current owners are very happy with the 3-D chart feature, user friendly interface and the easily customizable display. At first glance, it might even seem an advanced piece of kit, loaded with complicated technology but the reality is that it will only take few minutes to setup the device and start to look for fish.

This compact unit does exactly what it is supposed to do, to find fish! And it’s not only compact and powerful but also very well built and a very durable device. As the manufacturer states, it is a waterproof GPS combo and it should not affect its performance if you are using it in heavy rain or rough water conditions. However, it all boils down on how much you intend to spend in fish finder and what kind of fish finder will suit your personal fishing style. Having said that, you will get a great fish finder at a reasonable price because the price-tag of this device is extremely appealing compare to all the features included.

Signstek FF-011 Wireless Fish Finder Review

The Signstek FF-011 is ideal for both novices and professional anglers. The device allows you to locate fairly easily the fish, the structure of the bottom, weeds and depth. It works flawlessly both in freshwater and salt water. It’s a no-brainer to operate and all you need to do is attach the included transducer at the end of your fishing line, toss it into the water to let it float and you are all set. You need to have in mind the power output of any fish finder you are investigating and the power is generally measured in watts (W).

The more Watts, the more effective and powerful the fish finder is. The power of the Signstek unit has peak2peak output of 4000W power, making it extremely effective fish finder. To run all this power, the Signstek needs four AAA batteries. This fish finder is able to scan the water down to 100 feet deep and the sensor delivers a 90 degree angle. The Signstek FF-011 offers also wireless compabatitly, which is extremely beneficial when compared to other cheaper models on the market today that usually do not have any Wi-Fi capabilities.

An effective fishfinder is the one that offers great display screen and comes with high-res. You don’t need a massive screen to identify fish, the data needs to be easily readable and provide enough area for a pleasant and easy viewing angle. By using FF-011, it’s possible to precisely view every piece of information showed on the display, for instance, underwater structures, objects and weeds. As a user, you can easily zoom IN/OUT and concentrate on a particular structure even if you are fishing far away from the spot. Featuring 128×64 pixels resolution, the FF-011 provides you with a crystal clear view of what is going and what can be found below the water surface.

This fish finder been receiving great reviews and current users are relatively happy with the performance of the FF-011. It’s getting more and more popular and often times favored over the widely popular HawkEye F33P Fish Finder. Despite not being one of the big sharks in the industry, Signstek has designed a neat, effective little fish finder that is cheaper, with more features than many of the more reputable fish finder units out there. That being said, if you are searching for a portable and cheap fish finder that does what it says on the tin, then I strongly suggest you try out the Signstek FF-011.

Humminbird PiranhaMAX Portable 165 Review

The Humminbird PiranhaMAX 165 Portable fish finder has been favored among anglers over the years mainly because of its ability to identify fish quickly, automatic fish alarm as well as its simple to use interface. Now, one of the PiranhaMAX product families is available in a more portable size.

Out-of-the-box it comes packed with  bells-and-whistles such as a 4 inch LCD grey display with 240×160 pixel resolution, 100W RMS power and 800W P2P power output. Additionally, it includes single beam sonar up to 600 feet depth at 200 kHz. What we have here is a portable fish finder that basically has it all. It is extremely powerful, accurate, easy readable screen and it is very reliable. You will have no problem at all reading the sonar data/images from the screen, even in bright sunny conditions. Also, since it features a backlit display you can enjoy clear readable data at night and in low-light conditions because the symbols/icons are very easy to read.

The PiranhaMAX 165 portable fish finder will provide 2.5 inch target differentiation and can detect bait/objects up to 600 feet deep and that is much deeper then when compared with numerous fish-finders models available today. With all this power and the sonar beam, you can rest assured you receive precise and accurate data regardless of the type water you are fishing in. Also included are the automatic fish&depth alarm and the ability to zoom IN or OUT.

The PiranhaMAX 165 Portable is extremely durable and you can fish, without worries, even in heavy rain or in rough water and easily operate the device using the large touch buttons on the front panel. Additionally, this model includes a tilt&swivel mount. Humminbird offers a hassle free 1 year warranty for all their products and the PiranhaMAX 165 Portable is no exception.

One of the major benefits of the PiranhaMAX 165 Portable fish finder is how durable and consistent it is and that is something you can always expect from Humminbird’s devices. The compact and portable design makes it a simple task to mount effortlessly onto any boat size. The portability and lightweight makes it also extremely easy to use on the coast line, if you don’t have access to boat. It is very easy to install and user friendly.

Another convenient and brilliant element of the PiranhaMAX 165 Portable is the fish alarm that is powerful enough to alert you clearly at all times, even in windy or noisy conditions. The Humminbird PiranhaMAX 165 Portable fish finder is a much-welcome addition to Humminbird’s PiranhaMAX range of products. This indispensable unit is among the best portable fish finders available on the market today and is heavily backed by current owners that appreciate its durability, multi-function and accuracy.

Lowrance Mark-5X DSI Portable Review

The Mark-5X DSI Portable from Lowrance features incredibly clear views below the water as a result of the Down-Scan-Imaging technology incorporated inside this magnificent fish finder. The DSI innovation is extremely effective and provides you with clean and crisp visuals of the things underneath the water, such as structure, objects and plants. To make all the powerful features work flawlessly, the Mark-5X DSI Portable is equipped with 4000W P2P and 500W RMS to provide to ensure enough sonar scanning power down to around 250 feet. Despite all this power, it is worth mentioning that boat speed should be below 10 miles per hour to enjoy the best picture clarity.

Another awesome feature of the Mark-5x DSI is the Skimmer DSI transducer, as well as a water temp sensor. The display screen happens to be beautifully designed with appealing look and user-friendly interface. The essential backlit function guarantees that you will always be able to read clearly the data presented on the display, even in bright sunny conditions. TrackBack technology is becoming a standard in today’s fish finders and the Lowrance family has of course made sure you can enjoy this essential feature in the Mark-5x DSI.

What the TrackBack can do is to provide the option to revisit any previous water spot. In other words, offering you the ability to save and analyze various hotspots and return back later if you prefer. Based on your experience, skill and needs, the Mark-5x DSI provides you with the ability to select AUTOMATIC and MANUAL mode. AUTO mode is intended to eliminate the guess-work if you happen to be extremely occupied or if you just want grab the device and go fish immediately without thinking about setup procedures and MANUAL mode is if you want to get more technical and for more specific fishing need.

One of the greatest benefits of the Mark-5x DSI is its simplicity and the fact you can basically use it straight out-of-the-box on AUTO mode. It has all the necessary features to get the job done and more than that. With the all these fantastic options you can enjoy the time on the water knowing that the Lowrance has built a device that won’t disappoint you in any way. The Mark-5x DSI Portable is also very budget-friendly and Lowrance has you covered in the unlikely event that you run into any trouble with their 1 year hassle-free warranty.

Humminbird PiranhaMAX 196ci Portable Review

The PiranhaMAX 196ci Portable from Humminbird implements specialized Sonar technology in order to assure high quality and clear display image of all the activity and structure below the water. The 196ci Portable attracts attention because of its accurate and consistent built-in GPS, making navigation far easier. It includes Trackplotter that is excellent to save waypoints even at high boat speeds making it easy to analyze the overall track, course and also the boat speed.

Although, the big question is, how does the PiranhaMAX 196ci Portable identify fish? Simply by forwarding DUAL beam sonar-signals through the transducer and into the water. The waves bounce back and return to the device that plots the information received and displays the results of the underwater surroundings. The primary beam provides a 20-degree angle to make sure you have excellent view of objects and structures from both sides of your watercraft. To be able to identify fish and bait underwater, there is another beam with 60 degree angle in order to make the area that is covered equal to the current depth.

Out-of-the-box, the PiranhaMAX 196ci Portable features a magnificent 256 color TFT 3.5 inch backlit display that comes with 320×240 pixels resolution and provides clear view from any angle even in bright sunny condition. As mentioned above, the device comes with DUAL beam sonar that can go as deep as 600 feet with 200/455 kHz frequency and 1600W Peek2Peek power along with 200W RMS power output. Then there is the 12V battery, a charger included and of course, Humminbird stands by its products 100% and provides one year warranty.

As previously stated above, the PiranhaMAX 196ci Portable includes a beautiful color display, making it one of the few portable fish finders with color screen. Humminbird has created very trustworthy device that is durable and designed to survive the toughest water conditions. Hands on, you have information about depth and the device instantly modifies data to show detailed image of the structures and the fish, which are easily readable on one screen. Even though it is possible to analyze the data from the dual sonar waves separately, the most efficient way is to have them work together so you can have detailed under-water visualize. With the Zoom function you’ll be able to benefit even more and make data analyzing even more beneficial and enjoyable.

Current owners constantly comment on the easy interface of the 196ci device and the Fish ID+ function that will portray the fish as a symbol on the screen along with how deep the fish are. Even though this fish finder is extremely well built and features everything that you will need to customize you fishing style, it is very easy to operate and takes minutes to setup and install. Considering the variety of useful attributes, fishermen are able to use the fish finder out-of-the-box immediately and start fishing and receive immediate results.

Best Portable FishFinder Comparison Chart

ItemBrandDisplay SizeMade In
E70294-US Dragonfly-4 ProRaymarine4.3-inchFareham UK
HawkEye F33PNorCross N/AN/A

Final Thoughts

Although you may be able to attach virtually any fishfinder device on a small watercraft such as kayak, you’ll find a considerable amount of newer fishfinder applications that take mobility/portability to a completely new level. Maybe you are one of those who just doesn’t want to deal with all the installing with screws and drilling, if so, then you should seriously investigate the portable fish finders out there. Some of them you can throw into the water for floating, others you can attach to you line, or even attach to your boat with some extra installation. The ability to hook up a fish finder to you smartphone or tablet is very beneficial but it has its negative points also. The reality is that fish finders are waterproof but smartphones are not so you need to take extra care when you are out on the water fishing using your cellphone or tablet.

You have so many options to choose from when searching for a portable fish finder, just like when you are on the lookout for a fixed fish finder. The portable units contain a wide range of fish finder models that are brilliant for fishing from small watercrafts or from landline. With all the features to choose from, such as color screen, black & white screen, , dualbeam or single beam, over 100 feet capability or lower. I’m hoping, after you have read my summary of portable fish finders, that you have all the information you need to select the perfect fish finder that will fit you fishing style and needs.